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Sir Ingleburt's Story

Where did this disastrously attractive little guy come from?


Sir Ingleburt started off as a character I played waaaay back when I used to play D&D in high school. He was a Paladin (like a holy knight.. ) who went about zealously performing acts of lawful goodness whether they needed doing or not. Yes, he was a religious zealot who slaughtered all who did not follow his gods and healed only those in his party that were of a good alignment (which meant that the chaotic evil thief was on his own).

But the thing that I noticed about the good knight was that he had this nasty habit of picking up magic weapons and not dropping them, nor selling them, nor giving them away. He just carried them so that he had the best tool for killing foul and fell beasts at any given moment. This was just the way that our group played.

Now, high school was boring to a kid who had no desire to learn any of the crap I was given to learn. Yes, I was that kid. All the classes that I wanted to study were full of kids that did not know what they wanted and only later found out that they did not want to be in the classes that they kept me from.

 So I started drawing cartoons of people, caractures if you will. There was Barry Hutler who was a Russel Coit character way before there was a Russel Coit. There was a mad professor and his hippy sidekick who were at constant odds with each other. There was the inventor caveman who "wasted everyone's time with stupid inventions when we have a war to fight". You know, stupid weapons like m60's and rocket launchers and such.

And there was Sir Ingleburt.

I remember drawing him as a fellow who just bristled with weaponry, even though it would have been impossible for him to carry this stuff in real life. The absurdity of a character carrying so much stuff that would just get in the way of everything in the case of a fight was too hard for a young mind to pass up on.

And here he is in all of his glory, as the logo for Lil d'Biggs Games.

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